Police and politicians in Halifax are expressing concern about a new web-based reality series coming to Halifax that pits university students across the country against each other to see who can throw the best party.

The creators of Beer 4 Breakfast say partying is nothing new for college and university students — they just want to capture it on tape.

Michael MacCrudden said they've identified Halifax as a potential party site.

"We're looking for them to show us their creativity, originality and shock us a bit and do something original to show us why this town shows us a better party than the next town over," he said.

Several Dalhousie University students said they like the idea.

"Beer for breakfast. Free beer in the morning. Yeah, why not?" asked Chris Maypa.


A scene from the party in Hamilton, Ont. (Courtesy Beer 4 Breakfast)

But Halifax Regional Police said they want to talk to MacCrudden and his crew before they arrive.

"Every time we have an event where the sole purpose is drinking, it's always a concern," said Const. Pierre Bourdages.

Peggy Walt lives near the campus of Dalhousie University and said she's subjected to student parties every weekend.

"There's a real mentality of drinking, partying, getting as drunk as fast as possible and we don't need to encourage it," she said.

Nova Scotia's Minister of Health and Wellness, David Wilson, agrees.

"No question, we're concerned with [the show] potentially coming to Halifax. I hope university students make the right decision and don't take part in it," he said.

MacCrudden said he's not looking to cause trouble. He said it's a professional production that asks for identification and doesn't promote illegal activity.

The mayor and police chief in London, Ont. have already banned Beer 4 Breakfast.