Bedford boat crash

Police say this boat hit a buoy early Monday morning. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

Five people were taken to hospital in Halifax early Monday morning after their boat crashed into a buoy in the Bedford Basin.

Stuart Andrews said he was just getting ready for bed around midnight when he heard a loud “crunch.”

“It was an unusual sound. I couldn't identify it. But I came out here on the deck and looked out and I noticed, I heard some people in the water yelling,” he said.

They were yelling for help.

The boat carrying five people had hit a half-submerged navy buoy.

Andrews called 911 and yelled back that help was coming.

Halifax police said two of the victims were in the water, a few hundred metres from the shore. Three others were still in the 10-metre fibreglass boat.

It took about 40 minutes for help to arrive.

Officers said the two men in the water managed to swim to the shore using flotation devices. The Coast Guard picked up the two women and the man in the boat.

All five were taken to the Queen Elizabeth II hospital. One woman has since been released, but the others have serious injuries that aren’t life threatening.

“These are serious injuries. They range from broken bones, to concussion. So these four people remain in hospital under observation,” said Const. Pierre Bourdages.

The buoys don’t have lights on them but a nearby navigational marker does, which is supposed to direct boaters to avoid the unlit buoys.

Police are investigating the crash to understand what happened.

The boat was towed to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography wharf.

Police say no charges have been laid.