A trapper hired by the Department of Natural Resources has caught and killed the black bear that's believed to have terrorized two young women last month in the Annapolis Valley, according to a provincial wildlife conflict biologist.

The bear was trapped near a cabin where the women were able to break a window and take cover inside for two hours until police located them.

Mike Boudreau said teeth marks on the women's sandals are similar to the bite pattern of the animal.

The bear was a male, about two years old.

A full necropsy will be completed this week.

What should you do if you encounter a bear?

  • Don’t feed it. Ever.
  • Don’t scare the bear.
  • Talk in a firm voice.
  • Wave arms to make sure the bear knows you’re there.
  • Don’t corner the bear, make sure it has an escape route.
  • If it follows you drop something to distract the bear.
  • Remember that bears want to avoid people too.
  • Call the Department of Natural Resources to report it 1-800-565-2224.