Bayswater Beach, a popular seaside beach in Lunenburg County, remains closed while the province awaits test results on bacteria counts.

The provincial lifeguarding service says a stream that flows into the ocean is contaminated with E.coli. The beach was closed on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Wellness said Saturday they expect test results back this week. That will determine whether the beach will reopen.

This is the second time the beach has been closed this summer because of high levels of bacteria.

Some local residents say officials should find the source of the contamination to prevent beach closures in the future.

"There's a stream that's blocked off by beavers, it's very stagnant and if that is the cause, is it not possible to know that it's a cause?" said Claudia Buckley, who lives nearby.

"There's four outdoor facilities on the little beach park, they're quite close to the water. I don't know if there's a septic system or what there is, but is that a contributing cause?"

Earlier this week, a department spokesperson said the province may look into what's causing the high bacteria levels if they continue.


Some Bayswater residents are worried this slow-moving stream may be the cause of the high bacteria levels in the ocean. (Elizabeth McMillan/CBC)