A decision to widen Bayers Road has been deferred by Halifax regional council. ((CBC))

 Halifax regional council has put off a final decision on the widening of Bayers Road for at least a year.

City transportation officials asked council Tuesday to approve a road network plan that includes a four to six lane expansion over the next 20 years.

The councillors who represent the area wanted to remove that proposal.

Instead, council approved a motion to defer the decision until after a review of the city's regional development plan is complete.

Coun. Jennifer Watts is disappointed by the delay.

"What we could have done today is give a very clear message: we don't want this road widening. There may be other options that we need to look at around the dedicated bus lane," she said.

"But to continue with this larger project...means that we're not really seriously going to have to look at the overall plan of how we move people in and off the peninsula."

Other councillors pointed out there will be municipal elections next fall, so the issue may be left for a new council to deal with. 

Halifax traffic planners have said that an extra lane needs to be added to Bayers Road by 2016 to deal with all the cars heading downtown from outside the city.

They also think much of Bayers Road, a major route used by commuters as they make their way onto the peninsula, will need six lanes within 25 years.

Fourteen homes would be affected if the street is widened to five or six lanes between the CN rail overpass and Connaught Avenue.