Cape Bretoners are holding a barn-raising this month to fix a stable that lost its roof over the winter. 

The Redwood Stables barn housed 22 horses when heavy snow collapsed the roof a few days after Christmas.

Now, with the fundraising and barn-raising help of a Facebook group called Friends of Redwood, the barn is being repaired.

Mona Lewis and her husband Dan have run the operation for 25 years. The equestrian community rallied to help, she said.

“When it happened, you're pretty down. What everyone has brought forth is just amazing,” she said.

Community centre

Michelle Watson described it as a special place.

“So many people come to this barn for a bunch of reasons, for lessons and just to hang out. Some people have their horses here,” she said. “It's a big community thing; everyone knows this barn.”

It’s been a big part of Bill LeBlanc’s life for 12 years.

“I'm here to help out some friends actually in need. I'd like to see them with the place tidied up and back up with a roof over it again and some horses back here,” he said.

The barn will cost $200,000 to fully repair. The volunteer fundraisers have brought in $25,000 so far, so Lewis said it might re-open on a smaller scale.

People will likely be able to board horses and take riding lessons in the short term. The owners haven't decided if they'll open year-round or rebuild the indoor arena. 

Facebook also helped during the initial crisis. People learned of the accident online and drove straight to the barn to collect and rehouse the horses.