A barber in Halifax is hoping to revive the dormant Nova Scotia Barbers' Association and inspire a new generation of people to earn a barber's pole outside their shop.

"The trade itself, it's been at a standstill point in the last few years," said Marvin Upshaw.

Upshaw said compared to other provinces in the Maritimes, the Barbers' Association in Nova Scotia has been fading away. Hair cutters that want to display a barber's pole or even use the word barber in the name of their store must be registered and certified.


Marvin Upshaw hopes to inspire young people to join the industry. (CBC)

"We sort of lost that innovation," said Marvin Upshaw. "The younger generation didn't pick the ball up because they didn't see the profit in it."

Upshaw said people don't realize how valuable an association can be.

"The association should help with networking, should help with new trends, new designs, new techniques."

Upshaw offered business advice to students at Halifax West High School Friday. He encouraged them to consider different opportunities. He said students hear a lot about becoming a doctor or lawyer, but they need to know that trades are a viable option.