The demolition of the former Bank of Canada building on Hollis and Sackville streets has entered a decidedly noisy stage as crews attempt to break through the reinforced walls which held the basement vault.

Demolition of the former Bank of Canada Building began six weeks ago.

The site of the former bank will be turned into a 21-storey building by Southwest Properties.

“We always knew that when we got to this level of the building it would be slow going,” said Eric Burchill, the vice-president of planning and development at Southwest Properties. “The rebar in particular that went into the construction of the vault was fairly significant.”

Rebar is reinforced steel, usually a bar or mesh of steel wires.

Decibel reader

A decibel reader showed that the demolition peaked at 95 decibels. (CBC)

The jack hammering to break through the layers of steel peaked at 95 decibels.

Southwest Properties says the demolition work should be done by the end of the month and then the excavation stage will begin.  

It will take about two years before the whole project is finished. The company also plans to announce the name of the new building within a few weeks.