Bad Falls Bridge closed amid flood warnings

Bad Falls Bridge in Quinan, N.S., closed Wednesday afternoon due to flooding and high water levels, officials said.

EMO watching Tusket and Quinan rivers

Crews watch the rising water at the Frotten Road Bridge Wednesday.

Bad Falls Bridge in Quinan, N.S., was closed Wednesday afternoon due to flooding risks and high water levels, officials said.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal tweeted that its staff are monitoring water levels in the Yarmouth County community. They're also watching Frotten Road Bridge.

Residents in southwestern Nova Scotia have been told to prepare for another flood as the Tusket and Quinan rivers swell.

Emergency Management Office personnel are in Quinan to assess the situation after heavy rainfalls last weekend.

Residents say the water is about two feet from the main road.

Water is already touching the bottom of a couple of bridges that cross the Quinan River, said Peggy Boudreau of EMO Argyle.

Officials are reminding people in Yarmouth County to have 72-hours worth of emergency supplies.

No road is closed, at this point.

In 2010 the community was hit with more than 200 millimetres of rain in four days.

The storm washed out bridges, forced residents from their homes and prompted a state of emergency in the area.

Adeline Doucet has been flooded out of her home in Quinan twice in the past 10 years and said she’s not ready to leave yet.

"My grandfather had built these seven steps going to the water. Usually that’s what we look at.  And this morning we went down and you could only see about four of the steps… but we are not as worried because the water isn’t coming up quite as high," she said.