The newest neighbours in Harrietsfield, the Bacchus motorcycle gang, could face scrutiny under Nova Scotia's Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, a law that's designed to protect communities from criminal activity.

Brendan Maguire, the local MLA for Halifax-Atlantic, said he has received a number of calls about the Bacchus crew since they moved in earlier this year.

Bacchus is one of Canada's oldest biker clubs, with longtime links to the Hells Angels. Its members have been arrested in raids involving the Angels, and the club is respected in the outlaw biker world.

There are surveillance cameras outside the Bacchus clubhouse in Harrietsfield. Thick fabric covers the windows.

Maguire said people in the community have been informed about the group and have been advised to contact authorities if they see any suspicious or criminal activity.

"I've also been in contact with the authorities myself and they've assured us that they're keeping a close eye on the situation," he said.

Roger Merrick, the province's director of public safety, would not say if his office is investigating.

Under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, his office must investigate if it receives complaints about illegal activities possibly taking place. This includes anonymous complaints.

"I would have to deal with it at that time," he said.

The provincial Department of Justice has the power to shut down the clubhouse, if an investigation reveals criminal activity is ongoing and jeopardizing public safety or the peaceful enjoyment of a neighbourhood.

Bacchus member declined to comment.