Four baby rabbits taken from a small farm market outside of Wolfville has prompted the owners to make an online plea to find the bunnies.


The bunnies were a big draw for the farm market, especially for kids, Hennigar says. (

Heather Hennigar, who owns Hennigar's Farm Market in Greenwich, said vandals struck the farm twice this week and both times someone took baby rabbits.

She said it has upset people who visit the farm regularly.

"All the little kids loved the bunnies and we haven't had great luck with the bunnies this year," she said. "There were 11 little ones. They were so sweet. Now we're down to seven," she said.

Hennigar said someone broke locks, stole from donation boxes and took a coin operated machine that dispenses feed for the goats.

She has not reported the vandalism to police and said she's hopeful someone will return the baby rabbits because she thinks they are too young to survive without their mother.

One of Hennigar's distraught volunteers posted an ad on the online classifieds site Kijiji, hoping for any information on the rabbits' whereabouts.