Atlantic Blood seeks legal advice after Capital Health ends contract

The owner of Atlantic Blood Collection is seeking legal advice after Capital Health cancelled its contract Friday.

Owner Janice Hopper says company did 27,000 collections in 2013

Capital Health said people can come to its clinics for blood work. (Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters)

The owner of Atlantic Blood Collection is seeking legal advice after Capital Health cancelled its contract Friday. 

Janice Hopper spent Sunday hanging up closed signs at her locations across the Halifax Regional Municipality and contacting people who rely on their home-collection business. 

"Unfortunately at this time we do have to seek legal advice. They hauled our contract completely without giving any thought to the vast base of home collections we do," she said. 

"Our patients have been totally stranded."

Hopper said Atlantic Blood did 20 collections a day last week and had 50 already lined up for the coming week. Many of their home patients use wheelchairs, are elderly, or otherwise have difficulty getting out of the house. 

Many people used the paid service at walk-in clinics to avoid the long waits at Capital Health blood-collecting facilities. "It could be an hour, two hours, three hours to get their blood done and a lot of them are businesspeople who really cannot afford to sit and wait," she said. 

She estimates they did 27,000 total collections in 2013. 

Capital Health said Friday it will no longer accept blood samples from Atlantic Blood Collection because of concerns for patient safety and blood quality.

Capital Health said the move came after months of questions about the quality of the work. Samples collected before Friday will still be processed, but none after that date. Capital Health listed other blood-collection sites on its website.

Hopper said she had received notices from Capital Health for not abiding by the hospital's rules. "There were mistakes," she said.

"Mislabelled tubes, extra tubes, some days when the couriers were late because of snow storms, but none were life-threatening mistakes." 

Hopper said Atlantic Blood Collection is essentially out of business. 

The company posted this notice online

Due to a decision made by the Capital District of Health to not accept blood samples collected by our company; Atlantic Blood Collection, regrettably, will stop all blood collection services in the HRM including home and clinic blood collection. We sincerely apologize to all our clients for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We Thank You for using our services.

Atlantic Blood Collection Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality blood collection services to YOU.


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