A Halifax art gallery owner is turning to social media to track down a thief who took off with a painting Tuesday afternoon.

The theft happened around 2:30 p.m. at Argyle Fine Art.

Adriana Afford, the owner of Argyle Fine Art, said she was chatting with another artist when a man walked out with the work of art.

The oil on board painting by Gordon MacDonald depicts Lawrencetown. It's worth about $800.

Afford called Halifax Regional Police and turned to Twitter for help.

"I never understand when people steal anything, but especially local art, just because it is such a small city," she said.

The artist, MacDonald, said he was shocked to hear his painting was snatched from the gallery. He said it means a lot to him and he's hopeful it will turn up.

Afford said MacDonald will be paid for the painting even if it's not found.