Argyle Street in downtown Halifax will remain closed to traffic for an additional week.

It was supposed to reopen to traffic this evening after a party Saturday to mark the redesign of the street to make it a more pedestrian-friendly zone.

Nick Ritcey, senior communications adviser for the Halifax Regional Municipality, said the delay is to facilitate final touches, repairs of minor deficiencies and Halifax Water inspections.

Ritcey said the deficiencies relate to the paving stones.

"That uses a sand to attach them all together and it's weather-dependent," he said, "so a lot of the weather yesterday and a couple of days ago hindered a little bit of that progress."

The municipality said the street will be open to traffic by Tuesday, Nov. 14, but it's possible that it could open sooner if the weather co-operates.

The contractor is also putting some finishing touches on planters.

"Basically it was easier to keep the street closed since it hasn't opened to traffic yet, than to reopen it and try to work around the traffic," said Ritcey, who added the municipality considers the project 95 per cent complete.

Business owners informed

Ritcey said business owners have been notified of the delay. He points out Argyle Street remains open to pedestrians and all businesses and restaurants are open.

"We're encouraging everybody to make sure that they continue to use the street," he said.