A county councillor in the Annapolis Valley wants to open up the contest to be crowned Queen Annapolisa at the Apple Blossom Festival.

The crowning of Queen Annapolisa in the Apple Blossom Festival is a tradition that spans 82 years. 

Emma Van Rooyen thinks old-fashioned rules are excluding potential contenders.

Apple Blossom

The crowning of Queen Annapolisa is a tradition that spans 82 years. (Submitted)

For instance, rules dictate that contenders can't be married, or have a child, and must have graduated high school. 

King's-District 2 councillor Emma Van Rooyen objects to those restrictions. 

“Some of the most inspiring people in my life are people who are single mothers,” she said. “Some of them haven't graduated high school but they have huge leadership capacity and more resourcefulness than a lot of people I know.”

She said those people should also have the chance to be celebrated in the community.

Van Rooyen voted against the festival's annual $12,000 grant even though she's behind the event as a whole. 

“Society has evolved, tradition should be revisited,” she said.

Emma Van Rooyen

King's-District 2 councillor Emma Van Rooyen objects to the contestant restrictions. (CBC)

Gary Long, the president of the Apple Blossom Festival said he'd consider changes, but not before wide consultation. 

“I can't say things will happen fast. Not all changes do. But we will certainly work with the county and everybody else involved to resolve any issues,” he said.

Any changes to the competition rules would have to happen next year. 

The winner of this year's Apple Blossom Festival leadership competition will be crowned on Friday night.