William Fogarty, the man charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death in Tracadie, Antigonish County, has been denied bail.

The 30-year-old was driving one of two cars involved in a collision Nov. 24. He is charged in the deaths of the two boys in the second car — Nicholas (Nico) Landry, 17, of Tracadie, and Kory Mattie, 16, from Havre Boucher.

Mattie, the driver, died at the scene. Landry, a passenger in the car, was severely injured in the collision and died later at St. Martha's Regional Hospital.

RCMP said visibility was good and the road was clear at the time of the crash.


William Fogarty, 30, is charged in the deaths of Nico Landry and Kory Mattie. (CBC)

On Wednesday afternoon, families and friends of two teens killed in the collision filled several benches in an Antigonish court.

The families gasped, cried and sat in disbelief as they listened to the testimony from the lead RCMP investigator. Many left the court angered by what they heard.

Many had come to court directly from the funeral of Nico Landry.

Evidence from the bail hearing is subject to a publication ban.

Mel Landry, the uncle of Nico Landry says from what he heard Wednesday, the system failed the two dead teens.

"It's unbelievable, The system failed my nephew and his buddy," Landry said. "It's infuriating every bone in my body is angry. I never imagined. I can't believe I have to go tell my sister, Nico's mother, and the other family, the details of what we heard in there."

"I cannot believe it."

Both families told CBC News they were glad the judge made the decision he did.

Fogarty will be back in court on Dec. 20.

The publication ban is in place because RCMP are continuing to examine evidence they've gathered.