Residents in Antigonish County are concerned about a road that has become impassable due to flood conditions.

Ferry Road in Bayfield is a dirt road that has been nearly impassable for weeks.

Frank Machnik and his son Shaun live at the end of Ferry Road. Frank says he is concerned that Shaun, who has a chronic illness, would be out of reach for clunky ambulances.

"I am putting four-wheel drive into mode now. And that's the only way we're going to get through this bog here,” he said.

Ferry Road has 51 properties with 15 full-time residents.

Machnik said he is concerned about others in town too. 

"There's a woman who's seven months pregnant and there's other people that are chronically ill, and the ambulance couldn't get down here."

Canada Post, the garbage truck and school buses have all backed away from the treacherous route.

The provincial Department of Transportation said they are aware of the situation.

Crews will be sent to replace a culvert soon which should help road conditions.

Right now the road is too soft for crews to attempt road work.

Residents say even so, more work is needed to repair the damage already caused.