The Amherst Daily News has ended its 120-year run as a daily newspaper and is being replaced by a weekly paper to save money, says its publisher.

The newspaper is changing its name to the Amherst News and will come out on Fridays beginning Aug. 2. A companion weekly called the Citizen Record will come out on Wednesdays and the paper is also stepping up coverage on its website.

Richard Russell, the publisher of the paper, said Friday's final daily paper is something special.

"We were hoping to go out with a bit of a bang and recap some of the 120-year history of the daily newspaper in that market," he told CBC News.

Russell said the paper is making the changes because daily newspapers have become a tough business and is no longer sustainable as a daily product.

"The retail environment has been a challenge for us so that coupled with some movement over to digital has made it difficult for us to be profitable on a daily basis in that market," he said.

"Obviously, when we are producing a product once a week as opposed to five days a week, our cost structures are so much less."

Russell said the plan is to advance stories published all week on the web when the weekly printed editions come out on Wednesdays and Fridays.

One member of the office staff is being laid off and one reporter who is leaving the paper will not be replaced.

Russell said there are no plans to make similar moves at Transcontinental Media's other newspapers in Nova Scotia.