Clever #AmericanCapeBreton tweets inspired by 'If Donald Trump wins' campaign

Twitter hashtag mashing up American classics with Cape Bretonisms getting a lot of laughs online and in real life.

Wags weigh in with puns, mangled movie titles

#AmericanCapeBreton was created by @HalifaxTrivia. (iStock)

A Twitter hashtag people are using to mash up American references with Cape Breton turns of phrase has struck the funny bone of Nova Scotians.

#AmericanCapeBreton was created by @HalifaxTrivia, also known as stand-up comic Andrew Evans. Evans hosts trivia nights in Halifax several nights a week.

"I'm always looking for side games for people to play," he told CBC News.

"So we'll give a side prize for best doodle of the night or the funniest wrong answer of the night, and recently, we've started doing these hashtag wars.

"We're always looking for something that's East Coast-inspired, Nova Scotia-inspired and something that may be in the news."

Evans said the 'Cape Breton If Trump Wins' website ticked all the boxes. Launched just over two weeks ago, it encourages Americans to move to the island if Donald Trump becomes U.S. president.

"We thought, 'Well, what would Cape Breton look like if it was filled with Americans?'" said Evans. "So we came up with a couple of entries ourselves and started it from there."

The 'Cape Breton If Trump Wins' website has generated interest among thousands of potential American immigrants to Canada and led to coverage from several U.S. media outlets.

The hashtag #AmericanCapeBreton was created and a prize awarded at a trivia night in Halifax on Tuesday.

Since then, though, the hashtag has taken on a life of its own.


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