Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy is accused of assaulting a healthcare worker at the home where she lives. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

Amanda Murphy, the mentally disabled woman accused of assaulting a health-care worker at the facility where she lives, pleaded not guilty to the charges in an Antigonish court Wednesday morning.

Murphy's trial has been set for July 14.

Her parents have been arguing that the 34-year-old woman shouldn't be dragged through the criminal justice system. They've joined ranks with other parents to lobbying the government to stop the criminalization of people with intellectual disabilities. 

They say she has the mental capacity of someone between the ages of five and eight years old.

"It's been an absolute nightmare from beginning to end and it's not over yet for us," said Iris Murphy.

She said her daughter needs better home care.

"Appropriate housing is everything for a client with complex needs," said her mother. "I would not like to see her end up living in a hospital for the rest of her life."