The Community Services Department is investigating an alleged assault at the Braemore Home in Sydney. ((CBC))

Nova Scotia's Department of Community Services is investigating an alleged assault on a resident of the Braemore Home in Sydney.

The allegation involves a staff member at the adult residential centre, department spokeswoman Brooke Armstrong said Saturday.

"As soon as the allegation was reported, we responded and department staff are investigating. So we're taking every possible step to limit incidents like these," she said.

"And we will continue to work with Braemore staff and management to ensure that their residents are safe and that they are getting the support that they need."

It's not clear when the incident took place. Cape Breton Regional Police are also investigating.

The home has been under scrutiny after an incident in 2010 in which an autistic man was kept locked in a constantly lit room for 15 days, sometimes urinating in the corner when nobody knew he needed to go to the washroom.

The province ruled in January that the 20-year-old man had been abused. A consulting firm was hired in March to look into the case.