A small company in Dartmouth has inked a promising partnership with the world's largest airplane manufacturer.

Lamda Guard has developed a high-tech product which is thinner than a human hair and can be applied to glass to block light. Airbus is interested in the transparent film because it wants to protect pilots from bright lights and laser interference.

Once the shield is tested and certified, Airbus hopes to buy and eventually use the film on all of its aircraft, including military planes.

When a laser is beamed at a cockpit, it poses a major hazard as it could cause pilot disorientation or injury.

"It's actually blocking the whole windscreen and it can potentially flash blind both pilots at the same time," said George Palikaras, Lamda's founder.

Palikaras grew up in Greece, but has set up business in the province after marrying a Nova Scotian and getting help from universities, the National Research Council and ACOA.

Paliakaras' vision is to one day supply airplanes all over the world with laser shields built at a manufacturing plant in Nova Scotia.