The last passenger of the Air Canada flight that crash landed in Halifax has been released from hospital, but Ruth Macumber's recovery is far from over.

Macumber has been in hospital since AC624 smashed into the runway at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport during the early hours of March 29.

Macumber, who just turned 81 years old, uses a walker and ended up being carried from the wreckage by another passenger named Steve Earle. Her family called him a hero for his actions that night.

The senior then waited in a fire truck on the runway until she was taken to hospital, where X-rays showed she had a fractured bone in her arm just below her shoulder. 

Macumber is still not home, as she's limited in the movement of her arm. She's moved into a continuing care facility, and her family says she may still need surgery.

Air Canada will pay her bills

Her niece, Catherine Ouelette, says Macumber's sprits are improving and she's eager to return home. 

Ouelette says Air Canada has offered to foot all her bills during the recovery. 

On Monday, a Halifax law firm filed a statement of claim for a proposed class action lawsuit over the crash, which industry officials refer to as a hard landing because the plane was under control as it descended.

MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law is asking for $12 million. The class action has not been certified. 

The Transportation Safety Board's federal investigation into the crash landing is ongoing.