Students at Dalhousie University's Agricultural Campus in Truro can look forward to a more interactive approach to learning this fall thanks to a new app.

An app that uses GPS technology will give horticulture students a hands-on learning experience by mapping out garden walks for them. 

John Read

John Read of Colibri Software says he believes more universities will move away from a traditional classroom setting. (CBC)

At least 40 walks around campus will be mapped out on the free app.

The app’s garden tour maps contain pinpoints that can be clicked on to reveal an explanation of a particular plant, mould, rock or one of the memorial trees on campus.

“There are a lot of spots that we don't really know even as students. So with the help of the app we get to know the spots,” says Punya Raja, an environmental landscape horticulture student.

The app can be used in a variety of courses from plant identification to landscape courses, as well as for the general public.


Routes mapped out on the app will show pinpoints that can be be clicked on to reveal more information. (CBC)

“It's another way to get engaged with the modern student who understands technology way better than most of the teachers do,” said instructor and co-manager of the grounds Jeff Morton.

He approached a Wolfville-based software company in the spring to produce the app. 

“I think universities will move away from a traditional classroom setting to get their students out and involved in the community and in the subjects that they're trying to teach,” said president of Colibri Software, John Read.