One of the country’s most notorious former industrial sites could be welcoming campers this fall, part of an effort to accommodate thousands of fans expected at an Aerosmith concert in Sydney.

The cleanup of the former coke ovens site is part of the larger $400 million remediation of the Sydney tar ponds that has turned the area into sports fields, walking trails and playgrounds.

The promoter organizing the concert wants to put part of that newly created green space to another use.

"A lot of people like the camping vibe," says Alex Martin of Martin Entertainment.

"They like the tailgate party, they like coming, having a few days to sit down in a tent, relax. It kind of adds to the rock and roll theme of everything. We’ve had a really good response."

The site can accommodate up to a thousand tents and there is room nearby for trailers and RVs.

Martin said a few details need to be ironed out, but he expects people will be able to begin booking spots in the coming weeks.

Aerosmith is playing at Open Hearth Park in Sydney on Sept. 12.

The Crown corporation that oversees the former tar ponds area says it make sense to use the space to accommodate concert goers.

"That’s part of the reason we like the idea of Aerosmith being here," says Joel MacLean, chief operating officer of Nova Scotia Lands.

"It’s going to generate some economic activity and help to put the area on the map. We’re all about jobs here; jobs and the future."