A new program is allowing students to pay for some of their tuition using Aeroplan miles.

A total of 19 post-secondary schools in Canada have signed up, including the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax.

The program is called HigherEdPoints and was created by Suzanne Tyson in Toronto.

"Some schools, it's tuition. Some schools it's tuition and meal plans, residence fees and there are some schools that are looking at it for their student card programs," she said.

Other Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions, including Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Community College, are looking at the program.

Redeeming 35,000 Aeroplan miles gives you $250. Points can come from the student themselves, their parents, friends or anyone else.

Aeroplan points are earned when purchases are made at partner companies or when using certain credit cards. 

Sociology student Lauren Brierley likes the sound of it.

"I think it's a great idea because actually, almost everyone I know has Aeroplan miles because we're constantly flying to and from university," she said.

But some, like Students Nova Scotia executive director Jonathan Williams, aren't sure it will make much of a dent given how many Aeroplan miles it takes.

"I guess it sounds fine. But it's not going to make an impact significantly on the students that have a lot of financial need," he said.

The program is new. To date, roughly 200 Canadian students are signed up. On average, students in the program used their Aeroplan points to pay between $500 and $750 towards their tuition.