An executive with Acadian Lines says the company's decision to shut down is not an attempt to get financial support from the government.  

"It will take them some time, I assume, to wrap their heads around the problem. We haven't, nor do we intend to ask for, financial support in this case," said Denis Gallant, the Maritime vice president of Orleans Express. "I think we've been pretty clear this wasn't a negotiation tactic."  

Acadian is owned by Orleans Express of Quebec, part of a larger company in France. The company says it has lost $12 million over eight years.  

Gallant said there's been no attempt by any provincial government to talk about intercity bus service in the Maritimes.  

"No, we haven't had any discussions with the governments, which again is understandable considering... obviously, it wasn't easy news for them to deal with it," Gallant said.  

It's been a week since the company announced it plans to pull off the road at the end of November.   

The company has made requests to drop some rural routes because, it says, they are not profitable. The requests were rejected by review boards in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.   

Gallant says that is part of the reason the company made the decision to shut down.