John MacDonell, the minister for Service Nova Scotia, says there will be a review of the Motor Vehicle Act this fall in light of recent complaints.

Paul Craig accused the provincial Registrar of Motor Vehicles of an abuse of power after he and his son, Coady, both had their driver's licences suspended, even though they weren't convicted of driving infractions.

On Friday, the father and son won a partial victory and had their licences reinstated.

MacDonell said he agrees that most Nova Scotians are taken aback by the notion that the courts do not have the final say when it comes to rulings at the registry.

He said there’s already an overall review set to the entire Act because it’s an old piece of legislation.

But MacDonell said he wants the relationship between the courts and officials at the Registry of Motor Vehicles examined this fall in case changes could be ready for the next sitting of the legislature.

Paul Craig said the dispute over the suspension and reinstatement of their driver's licences began last July, when the family decided to change insurance companies. The transfer was delayed by one day.

Coady Craig was unaware of the change and drove his father's Jeep. He was hit by another driver and received a ticket for failing to provide valid insurance.

Four months later, the ticket was dismissed when the family explained their situation in court. Both father and son thought the incident was over.

In December, when Coady Craig applied to have the newly-licensed driver status taken off his licence, he was told his licence was suspended because of the insurance ticket.

The family said they took a copy of the court ruling to the provincial Registrar of Motor Vehicles but that didn't change the suspension.

Paul Craig said he then complained to Driver and Vehicle Compliance Services on behalf of his son, only to receive a registered letter 24 hours later, notifying him that his licence was also suspended.

A driver-compliance officer told them that the ruling on their ticket was irrelevant and their licence suspension stood.

On Friday, the family’s MLA received an email saying Coady Craig’s new driver status was extended in error, and that the condition would be lifted immediately.