The air conditioning system has been out since Monday afternoon at Camp Hill. (CBC)

The air conditioning system is not working at the Camp Hill Veterans' Memorial Building in Halifax, CBC News has learned.

Patients and workers have been sweating their way through an air conditioning malfunction since Monday afternoon.

Capital District Health Authority said it hopes to have the problem fixed by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

John Gillis, spokesman for Capital Health, said a part for the system is being flown in from Toronto. In the meantime, patients are being given extra water to drink and the windows in the hospital have been opened.

There is space for 175 veterans at the Camp Hill building.

The air conditioning problem follows complaints about lack of hot water at the Halifax Infirmary.

Peter Graham, another spokesman for Capital Health, said there are issues with hot water in parts of the hospital and they are working on fixing the problem.

Earlier this month Veterans Affairs Minister, Steven Blaney, announced he'd appoint a dietitian to review the food at Camp Hill after veterans complained about the quality.