A 95-year-old woman from Yarmouth, N.S. has bagged a moose with one shot while on a hunting trip in Newfoundland.

It was the last day of hunting, just after daylight when Laura Wood brought down the 600-pound creature.

"Well I just shot it."

Then "the guide said, 'don't shoot again.' I was going to shoot again, but he said 'don't shoot' because he knew I got it."

But hunting one moose didn't faze the woman and she moved on to try to find a bull moose.

Wood said she has been hunting rabbits and deer since she was 16 years old.

"Well I used to be [a good shot.] Well it must have been pretty good if I got that one...it's in my freezer now."

She said shooting a moose has been a lifelong dream.

"I went hunting around four years ago and I wanted to get one then, but I didn't."

The Sandy Point Lodge, which hosted the hunting trip, said it's the first time they can remember a 95-year-old hunter.

Wood said she won't hunt moose next year, because "I'm getting too old."

But, "I still plan on deer hunting."