A Halifax family who had a large rock thrown through their car window say they’re fed up with raucous behaviour from university students, and police patrols should be stepped up in the area.

Around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, Susan Cotie was awakened by a loud noise.

"I heard this incredibly loud ‘boom.’ Actually for a second it was so loud I thought about the refinery in Eastern Passage - it was a metallic sounding explosion," said Cotie.

She looked outside and didn't see anything, but she believes she heard the people who caused it.

"First of all I know that it was young men. I could hear them laughing. You don't get 40 and 50-year-olds, laughing drunk in a group down Robie Street," said Cotie.

In the morning she found a large rock, pried from her retaining wall, and pitched through the rear window of her father's new car. Cotie went to the police, but she said they weren't able to do much.

"There would be no hope of finding any evidence because the rock was wet from rain overnight," she said.

She's confident a group of students threw the rock. She said students have stolen her lawn furniture and vandalized her property before.

As for her father — 93-year-old Daniel Cotie, a veteran of the Second World War — if he could speak to the vandals, this is what he would say:

"Are you kidding? I'd tell them to drop dead, for God's sake."

The damage will be covered by insurance, but Cotie said, there needs to be more police presence on her street, particularly on weekend nights.