Gerald Clarke

Gerald Clarke is looking forward to seeing the contents of the time capsule. (CBC)

An 85-year-old time capsule was opened Thursday in Kentville, but it will be a little longer before its contents are known.

The capsule was placed in a block of granite on June 19, 1929, to commemorate the building of a new senior high school in the town — Kings County Academy.

The contents will be brought to a lab so each piece can be carefully removed to ensure no damage occurs.

The item sitting at the top of the small metal box was a handwritten letter.

Gerald Clarke, 94, became a student of Kings County Academy in September 1930, just over a year after the capsule was placed. He's looking forward to seeing the contents.

"When it gets on display here, if I'm still alive, I'll be there to see it," he said with a laugh.

The original high school cost $800 to build.