A controversial eight-storey building proposal on Halifax's Quinpool Road is a step closer to getting built despite mounting ire in the neighbourhood.

Halifax Regional Council has approved Studioworks International Incorporated's application for a new building at the corner of Quinpool Road and Vernon Street. Once built, it would include two levels of underground parking, ground floor retail and office space, plus approximately 70 residential units.

That's not sitting well with some people who live in the area.

"They've got the exit and the entrance of this massive development going out on a residential street and not one of them gives a damn," said Dulsie Conrad who lives on Pepperell Street across from the proposed site.

At a public hearing on Tuesday night some people said the structure is too large for the neighbouring residential streets.

"I'm very disappointed that it's moving forward. I live in the house adjacent to this building which is going to envelope two sides of my home," said Cathy Young.

"Biggest concern is the traffic is coming right out beside our building, entering and exiting on to Pepperell Street and it’s right beside our property."

Others who spoke out said they don't like the city making exceptions to the rules.

"What we're seeing here, and this is my complaint, is that we have a plan amendment and then we enter into a development agreement and a rezoning and there’s no appeal. Plan amendments are not appealable to the Utility and Review Board," said Allan Ruffman

The next step before the project can be built is for the local community council to enter into an agreement with the developer.