A slightly used car dealership and service station in Windsor, N.S., will be sold at a tax sale Wednesday, with a minimum price of $650.

The abandoned property at 207 Water Street was once a Stephens and Yeaton car dealership. It went bankrupt five years ago. More than $87,000 in property taxes and expenses have accrued since then.

Any new owner won’t be liable for the back taxes. They do take on the risk of owning a former service station.

Mayor Paul Beazley said the town just wants it gone. 

'We're motivated to sell.' - Mayor Paul Beazley

“We're motivated to sell, so to speak, and we've got the actual start price down at a mere $650,” he said.

The building sits on a good spot on the main road from Falmouth. Neighbours hope the eyesore will sell and find a new life.

“It's a great piece of land. It's a huge piece, but it's crumbling,” Penny Taylor said.

The town has twice failed to sell the property. The paint is peeling and there is water damage inside.

“We need to get this property back into productive use, paying taxes and making revenue for whoever owns it,” Beazley said.

Eric Stephens used to own it. He worked there for 60 years.

“I hope very much that someone will buy it. Like to see it repaired, looking good again. Otherwise, doze it or something so I don't have to look at it,” he said.

The auction will be held at 10 a.m. at 100 King Street.