With police already warning people about storm safety, there are several steps people should consider taking as the blizzard approaches.

Here are some of the things you should consider while preparing for the storm:

1. Heat

It’s essential during winter storms to prepare for cold temperatures if you don’t have an electricity-independent source heating your home.

In the Valley, the local Emergency Management Office is preparing comfort stations for people who may need shelter from this storm.

For those with wood stoves or generators, be sure to have enough fuel to ride out the storm.

It’s also important to remember to never to use a portable generator indoors because it can result in carbon monoxide poisoning and even death.

2. Food

Another necessity is food. Grocery store parking lots were full on Thursday as shoppers prepared for the impending weather.

3. Water

Another necessity — drinking water. It's especially important for people who have a well that requires a pump.

Officials say you should have two litres per person per day, with enough to last three days.

If the power goes out, people in the city can still flush their toilets but if you live in the country with a well and septic system, it's not that easy.

It’s a good plan to fill up the tub. If the power goes out, you can use that water to fill up the toilet tank.

4. Light

Lighting is something else people should consider.

Flashlights and extra batteries are essential. If you decide to use candles, never leave them unattended.

5. Winter tools

Tools needed to keep all entrances to your home clear in case of emergency should also be well stocked. That includes shovels, salt and ice melter.