Driving teacher Tom Furlong has been teaching people to drive for 38 years and has some crucial tips on how to navigate icy and snow-covered roads.

1. Ask yourself, should I be driving in these conditions?

Furlong says it may not be worth the risk to venture out on the roads.

2. Never rush

When roads are slippery it increases travel time. Furlong says slowing down and giving yourself enough time to get to your destination is important.

3. In the winter, don't drive like it's summer

Accelerating hard, braking late and steering quickly may put drivers in the ditch during the slippery winter months.

4. Keep it smooth

Furlong says smooth acceleration, braking and steering give you better control than waiting until the last minute to slam on the brakes.

5. Know what other drivers are up to

Frequently checking mirrors and blind spots give you a better sense of what other drivers are doing and give drivers a chance to get out of the way of someone who may not be in control of their vehicle.