Architects involved in designing Halifax's new Central Library offered a sneak peek to the public during a meeting Wednesday night.

A 3D virtual tour at Pier 21 offered curious members of the public an inside view of one of the city's newest developments.

The public session included a detailed model people could peer into, as well as floor by floor plans of the library.  

Morten Schmidt, one of the architects working on the building, said the building's openness and accessibility are some of the highlights.  

George Cotares, another architect working on the project, said the library has versatile public space that can be used for performances and presentations.  

Schmidt said the "public living room" on the library's top floor is bound to be a crowd pleaser.  

"You're that high up that you get a fantastic view of The Citadel, as well as in the other end of that floor, you get a fantastic view of the harbour. So it sort of connects the maritime history of Halifax," he said.  

Construction of the new Halifax Central Library is expected to be completed by the spring of 2014.