The effect of provincial cuts on Nova Scotia's education system is expected to reverberate Wednesday night as members of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board sit down to approve a high-stakes budget for the next school year.

Over three years, the board has had to deal with almost $13 million in provincial cuts. On the chopping block is the equivalent of 31 full-time teaching positions.

"Parents are understandably frustrated. I think some parents are understandably upset. We're upset and frustrated too," said spokeswoman Debbie Buott-Matheson.

School boards in Cape Breton-Victoria, Chignecto, South Shore, the Strait Regional and Tri-County will all see funding decreases over the 2012/2013 fiscal year.

"We’ve eliminated programs, we've reduced hundreds of staff and of course when those things happen it make it a much more difficult situation for education in Nova Scotia," said superintendent Gary Clarke.

He said the board works hard to minimize the effects of cuts in the classroom, but Buott-Matheson said there's little room to maneuver.

"It’s going to be felt. There's no question it is going to be felt," she said.

The board is expected to make other cuts, but they won't be revealed until the vote.