Start using 10-digit dialing now —  that’s the advice a telecommunications group is trying to spread months before Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island switch to the new dialing system.

Almost all the numbers in the 902 area code are taken, so the provinces are adopting a new area code.

People will also need to dial 10 digits, the area code then the seven-digit  number, when making a local call.

The new dialing comes into effect Aug. 23.

To prevent inconveniences, the Telecommunications Alliance released a list of tips to help people smooth over the transition.

They suggest:

1. Practice, practice, practice

They said communication companies already have the capacity for people to punch in 10 numbers instead of seven, so start practising. 

2. Update your address book

The Telecommunications Alliance suggests people and businesses update their speed-dial lists, cell phones, computers, alarm systems and lifeline equipment with the 10-digit numbers.

3. Communicate your number

They also suggest people change the number on their stationery, cheques, insurance policies and advertising. The group is reminding people to specify their area code when giving out a number.