3 stories from people trapped at the Halifax airport

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport has turned into a waiting room, as hundreds of stranded passengers cope with long delays.
People try to catch some sleep after a slew of flights cancelled (Craif Paisley/CBC)

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport has turned into a waiting room, as hundreds of stranded passengers cope with long delays following a winter storm beating.

A majority of flights leaving and arriving in Halifax were cancelled on the weekend as heavy snow and slick runways made flying treacherous.

Here are three stories from people waiting still waiting hours later:

Cathy Lin

Cathy Lin says she's at a loss of what to do. She's hoping the airport can find her family, including a toddler, a hotel. (CBC)

Despite calling ahead, Cathy Lin and her family arrived from Antigonish in the middle of the night to find their flight to Shanghai was cancelled.

They have been waiting three hours to reschedule.

"They tell me the next flight will be Wednesday. We have to wait two more days," she said.

To make matters worse, she said her ticket from Shanghai to her hometown is non-refundable.

"That ticket is just totally lost," she said.

Kevin Nearing

After being awake for 26 hours Kevin Nearing said he is looking forward to his favourite slice of pizza in New Waterford. (CBC)

Kevin Nearing, travelling from Fort McMurray to Sydney, said he just wants to get home to see his family and taste his favourite pizza in New Waterford.

He's been awake for 26 hours.

"They are not saying too much. The runways are greasy," he said. "We're stuck."

"I'm tired, but patience is a virtue, right?"

Carissa Hewitt

Student Carissa Hewitt says her family in Toronto is disappointed she won't be home for hours. (CBC)

Like many travellers, Carissa Hewitt has no seat and has had no sleep.

The St. Francis Xavier University student left Antigonish at 7 a.m. on Sunday and is still lingering in the Halifax airport more than 24 hours later, trying to get home to Toronto.

By Monday morning, she was waiting for her third rescheduled flight.

"I'm just hoping to get out of here by tonight," she said.

She said her family is anxiously waiting in Ontario.


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