Cats rescued

Investigators with the SPCA rescued 125 cats from a Dartmouth home. (Jo-Anne Landsburg/SPCA)

The Nova Scotia SPCA has charged three people with animal cruelty offences after investigators seized 127 cats from a house in Dartmouth last week.

Investigators removed the animals from the house and took them to various shelters in Nova Scotia.

The three owners of the cats are charged with animal cruelty offences that relate to confining an animal to an inadequate enclosure, unsanitary conditions, inadequate ventilation and not providing an opportunity for exercise.

The SPCA estimates it cost $15,000 to take the cats in.

The 127 cats are in the process of being spayed or neutered, and tested for feline leukemia, dewormed, vaccinated, treated for parasites and socialized.

Over the coming days and weeks the cats will be available for adoption.