A Timberlea, N.S., man was charged with three counts of attempted murder on Monday.

Daniel Simon Day, 18, was arrested after shots were fired in the Halifax suburb Saturday morning.

He also faces numerous weapons offences. RCMP say the trouble began when three teenagers showed up at Day's home on Forestglen Drive around 10 a.m. Saturday.

"There's some argument about a car. Three individuals showed up, then Mr. Day took out a firearm and shots were fired," said Cpl. Scott MacRae. 

Neighbours say they heard a lot of yelling and then gunfire at the end of Day's driveway.

Police arrested the three teenagers in the car. Officers seized their car and two firearms. Day was arrested later that afternoon.

The three other men, aged 17, 18 and 19, are due in court next month to face weapons charges.

Forestglen Drive is in a quiet subdivision. There's an elementary school a few blocks away and there are often children playing in the area.

Resident Joseph Drake said he moved to Timberlea from north end Dartmouth to escape such trouble.

"It's one of the decisions that helped us move to this neighbourhood and then of course, two doors down we hear about gunfire. It makes me a little nervous," he said.

Police say all four teenagers are known to them. Day will be back in court on Thursday for a bail hearing.