Construction to replace a playground along the Dartmouth waterfront is set to start this week, the original playground equipment was torched by vandals last winter.

Tim Rissesco, the executive director of the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, said the Alderney Landing playground has always been a popular spot for daycares, summer camps and families. It was also one of the few wheelchair accessible parks around the city.

"It was the go to place in the summer and throughout the year," he said.

Rissesco, also the president of the local Kiwanis club, said the wooden and plastic playground burned in February was already scheduled for a $50,000 retrofit this summer. 

With  $100,000 in insurance combined with an additional $50,000 donation from the Dartmouth Kiwanis, the aluminum replacement will be larger. The design shows three parts:  a tug boat for toddlers, a spinning dingy and a larger boat with climbing walls and a slide for older children. 

"A fair bit of the boat will be accessible to children in wheelchairs and then off to the side, like a small spinner will be accessible for kids in wheelchairs again to sit in," said Rissesco.

Officials with the Halifax Regional Municipality originally said the burned-out wooden playground would cost $100,000 to replace. The price has doubled.

"It'll be spectacular," Rissesco said.

It'll be the first time this particular design will be built in Canada. There's one other version in Australia.

Rissesco said the new playground should be ready by September.

Three teenaged boys were charged with arson after the winter fire.