Highway 101 crash

A woman was critically injured in a head-on crash Saturday on Highway 101. (Carolyn Ray/CBC)

Two women are still in hospital after a serious crash this weekend on Highway 101 near Hantsport. 

Saturday’s crash is the latest in a series of serious collisions on a nine-kilometre stretch of untwinned road near Windsor.

Crash statistics on the stretch show some alarming numbers.

Last year, there were six accidents. Half of them were fatal.

The latest fatal crash happened in December when a 56-year-old man from Kentville was killed. Other head-on collisions have shut down the highway several times in the last few years.

On Saturday, one of the victims was airlifted to hospital in Halifax in critical condition. Police are still searching for why the two cars collided, but some people in the community say they have concerns about the safety of the highway.

"It's terrible where it bottlenecks … it definitely needs to be addressed," said Rachelle Ross-Larkin

"[Drivers] take chances where they shouldn't be, pulling out to pass and we had an incident yesterday on the way to town. You know, it's just human error I'd say," said Sharon Beaton.

Windsor RCMP Staff Sgt. Dan Austin wants the public to remember to use caution.

"It's not so much the highway, it's how people drive on the highway,” he said. “Folks have to realize where they're driving, how the conditions are."

According to the department of transportation, the province intends to twin the stretch between Exits 6 and 7. But it doesn't know when — that's one of the projects on the wish list for funding from the federal government.