St. John's United Church bells

Four of these antique carillon bells were stolen Tuesday night. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Two more suspects are facing charges in the theft of a set of carillon antique bells that were stolen from St. John’s United Church in Halifax Tuesday night.

A 39-year-old Halifax man and 45-year-old Dartmouth man were arrested Thursday.

Both were held in custody overnight and will appear in provincial court Friday.

They face charges of possession of stolen property, breaking and entering and trafficking in property obtained by crime.

Another 46-year-old man from Conrad Settlement was arrested Tuesday night and is also facing charges.

Church officials said the thieves broke in through a stained glass window. The bells weighed hundreds of pounds and were part of a larger set.

There are still nine bells remaining, including one that was recovered on the sidewalk close to the church.

Officers located portions of the stolen church bells, which had been broken, and they continue to look for the remaining pieces.

St. John’s United Church on Willow Street has been vacant for five years. The parishioners now worship at the Maritime Conservatory on Chebucto Road.