Kentville stabbing

Three people were stabbed overnight in Kentville. Two remain in hospital and police have charged a 53-year-old suspect with three counts of attempted murder. (CBC)

Two men are recovering in the intensive care unit of a Kentville hospital after multiple stabbings overnight, with a witness to the attack's aftermath describing a bloody scene and victims screaming for help. 

"One of the guys had a shirt around his neck and there was blood coming from his neck, so the first thing I just thought was, well, I guess someone cut their throat," says Chelsea Eye, who was at the scene moments after the stabbing. 

"That's when I called 911 and both of them were hysterical and didn't know what to do and were just begging for help."

Police have arrested and charged Paul Eldon Lake, 53, with three counts of attempted murder related to the attack and to another stabbing a short time later. 

Police say they were called to the corner of Prospect Avenue and Main Street in Kentville around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

The first call related to the two men who were stabbed. A second 911 call was received not long after — this time, a woman was being stabbed.

The two men needed surgery. The woman was treated in hospital and released Friday.

Officers with the Kentville Police Service and RCMP surrounded a home in town around 4 a.m. and arrested the suspect. Investigators say the accused is being treated for what they believe are self-inflicted injuries.

Police say the victims and the accused know each other.

"We're getting down to determining what the motivation was for an individual to do that," Kentville Police Chief Mark Mander says.