The power is back on at the region's children's hospital, after an outage that lasted almost six hours, but postponements continue.

A power outage at about 10:30 a.m. postponed all elective surgery and non-urgent cases at the IWK for the day.

The hospital stayed on backup power, allowing it to carry out emergency operations.

A backup generator was trucked to the IWK Health Sciences Centre. It arrived just as the power came back on.

The generator came from Burnside as a precaution. It was escorted by police.

"We are slowly bringing the system up, and testing as it comes back online," according to an IWK news release.

"With this slow ramp up process, it will be a while until we can say our systems are completely stable. As a precaution, the IWK will be cancelling most surgeries for tomorrow, July 5."

Nova Scotia Power crews traced the problem to a substation connected to the IWK and the Victoria General Hospital.

The Victoria General Hospital also reported a brief outage Wednesday morning.