A total of 19 new animals and plants have been added to Nova Scotia's list of protected species.

The barn swallow, three species of bats, the snapping turtle and the black ash tree are just a few of the 19 species that will be protected.

An estimated 90 per cent of little brown bats, northern long-eared bats and tri-coloured bats in Nova Scotia were lost to a deadly fungus over the past two years. White-nose syndrome causes the bats to wake early from hibernation. They can die from dehydration, starvation and exposure.


White-nose syndrome, which causes bats to develop white patches on their muzzles and other parts of their bodies during winter hibernation, has been detected in Atlantic Canada. (Ryan von Linden/New York Department of Environmental Conservation/Associated Press)


Money from the province's Species at Risk Conservation Fund are used to support research into protecting vulnerable species.

The fund currently contains more than $94,000. The fund is largely funded by people who buy conservation license plates.

Nova Scotia now protects 60 at risk species.