Metro Transit says 18 bus shelters have been smashed in Clayton Park since the weekend.

"It's a serious issue when it's vandalism, it's inconveniencing transit passengers who are — on a cold day like today — without shelter," said Lori Patterson, the spokeswoman for Metro Transit.

"We work very closely with police."

Darrell Brown, who was waiting for a bus at one of the vandalized shelters on Wednesday morning, said he couldn't understand why someone would want to smash them.

"There's no meaning to that. Why would you really want to do something like that?" he said.

Mary York, another Metro Transit passenger, said the vandalism was senseless.

"It's terrible, this kind of thing happening. It shouldn't happen. Someone should do something about it," she said.

Patterson said each pane of shattered glass costs about $700 and takes several days to replace.

"We also have heightened surveillance around them," she said.