Recent car and pedestrian statistics released by a group working with Halifax Regional Police paint a more in-depth picture of collisions in the Halifax region.

There were a total of 176 collisions between pedestrians and vehicles in 2013, according to numbers released on Friday by Halifax police with assistance from HRM Partners in Policing.

More than half of those, 56 per cent, happened in crosswalks.

The report found that male drivers accounted for a much higher proportion of drivers involved in car and pedestrian collisions with 64.6 per cent of 2013 incidents involving make drivers.

There were no injuries or minor injuries suffered on more than 97 per cent of the 176 collisions. However three people suffered serious injury and another two people died after collisions in 2013.

The subject of pedestrian safety reaching a boiling point last December. According to this latest report by HRM Partners in Policing, there were 12 to 16 pedestrian and vehicle collisions each month between January and June 2013.

The numbers dipped in the summer, bottoming out in August with six incidents. Car and pedestrian collisions steadily increased throughout the fall, peaking in December with a total of 26 incidents.

In terms of when collisions occurred, nearly a quarter of the 176 collisions between pedestrians and vehicles happened on Wednesdays.

Most collisions happened between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and then 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

A whopping 56 per cent of the 176 collisions happened when the weather was clear and sunny.

The group manually went through more than 9,000 police reports in order to identify every file having to do with car and pedestrian collisions.

There were also 43 collisions between cyclists and vehicles in 2013.